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The Art of the Garage Sale  All it is is “stuff”  by Life Styled Editor Gail Gabriel #FUSEFashionMag Perfect for #TheFUSEWoman

Hostess Gift Ideas


Being invited to a special event, such as a luncheon, a tea, or a dinner party, always presents an opportunity to be creative about the joy of giving -- as it is customary to bring the host/hostess a small token gift, thanking them for the invitation. 

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The FUSE Woman, Full & Complete,

Gail Gabriel

Life Styled Editor

When I travel​ it is the perfect opportunity to find special gifts that cannot be duplicated.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

- Soaps from a different country

- Candles (be careful about fragrances, as some people are allergic to scents)

- Bookmarks (for those friends that love "paper" books

- Purse-size tablets for jotting down notes 

- Anything homemade, i.e. food items, seasonal cocktail napkins (great paperless idea)

- Nice handkerchiefs for your purse (if you have to ask what they are, this isn't appropriate), and 

- Of course wine, champagne or flowers (or a plant) when you aren't sure.


Remember, if you bring flowers, it is best to bring them in a container with water so that the hostess doesn't have to look for a vase while she/he has other pressing issues at hand. 


This list should get your creative juices flowing. An​d​ wrapping is part of the fun — add something alive from your garden along with a recycled bag or paper:



- a leaf from your favorite tree, 

- a sprig of rosemary,  

- a small flower cutting, or

- bush berries.

The Art of the Garage Sale  All it is is “stuff” by Gail Gabriel
The Art of the Garage Sale  All it is is “stuff” by Gail Gabriel
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#FUSEFashionMag features RH Modern August 2017 PERFECT for #TheFUSEWoman, #Ageless,#Modern, & #Relevant
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