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Alene Gabriel



World of Denim


As a farm boy, I not only grew up in blue jeans, I also encountered a sea of denim around me. My father wore denim overalls on most work days. The sun bleached denim matched his blue eyes and straw hat, and perfectly suited his need for freedom of movement.


My brother and I grew up in the fifties and early sixties, when blue jeans became the unofficial uniform of anti-establishment attitudes. Marlon Brando, in the "The Wild One," provided a legacy of tee shirt, blue jeans, and engineer boots, that has persisted for fifty years. I can still remember many kids I went to school with, who were farm boys, more interested in dairy herds then school. They wore the same "colors" everyday to school, blue FFA jacket (Future Farmers of America), white tee shirt, faded blue jeans, and black engineer boots. They always made me laugh when they filled out the answers on general scholastic tests. They would fill in the multiple choice answers all at once, then take a nap. They new their lives were already committed to their family farms. Academics had very little attraction.


Blue jeans weren't only the choice of farm boys. The young men of Princeton made a habit of strolling around campus in their faded jeans and $400 sport coats. Male or female, young or old, wealthy or not-so-wealthy, the comfort and fit of an old pair of jeans is a genuine joy.

The Buzz
Max Buzby
Alene Gabriel, Life Coach, empowering others to create the lives they want to lead

The Weight of Things


I’m moving in a little over two weeks and as I clear things out of my house, I have become keenly aware of the weight of things — literally and figuratively.


When I moved into my house almost nine years ago, I brought everything from my one-bedroom apartment, and my parents drove down things from my childhood bedroom and my grandpa’s house.  Slowly, I started to fill my three-bedroom house.  It became a home.

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And oh the storage!  Closets in all the bedrooms, and all of them mine!  I could put things away neatly and keep my space beautifully uncluttered and ready for friends and family to visit.  It was the perfect nest for almost nine years.


A few years ago, as my career underwent a monumental shift, another shift opened as an option.  As I transitioned from a corporate work existence to building my own business – which could be done from anywhere – I realized I could spend more time at home with my family.  And once I started doing that, it became increasingly hard to leave.  I yearned to be in the place I had spent the first half of my life.

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FUSE Form & Spirit "Where Form & Spirit Become One!"

I began to fantasize about moving home.  To my true home.  It had always seemed like a pipe dream since I didn’t want to do my corporate job remotely and I had this house, and of course my friends and network.  Now, that job was no longer tying me down.  But this house was.  And alllllll the things in it.  And boy did it weigh a lot.


I began to feel tied to the house, weighed down by it.  Tethered to it.  And to all the stuff in it that felt like it had such importance that I couldn’t possibly sell it or give it away.  But weighed against the desire to go home, it became easy.  And clear.  I was ready to part with the things that had been weighing me down.


In short order, I found a realtor, listed my house, and went into escrow.  I will eventually move into a smaller place, so I listed a lot of things on craigslist and NextDoor.  I sold a small dresser I’ve had since college (!), bookcases I bought in my last apartment, my grandparents’ dining set.  On the way out the door, I took a long last look at each thing – just a thing, but a heavy thing – said a thank you to the person it came from, for the way it had served me, and I let it go.  Out to serve the next person, on their way to wherever they are headed.  Some were easier than others.  And after it all, it feels like the house heaved a great sigh and lifted its head a little higher, puffed out its newly released chest and readied itself to be my springboard forward.


And forward I go, with my own shoulders a little less burdened, my soul a little more free to fly.  Where to next, only a bit of time will tell . . .

The Weight of Things 

by Alene Gabriel

Lizzy James Handmade in the USA

Hello Sunshine!

As the weather becomes nicer, your energy levels and happiness should be blooming like the new flowers coming up outside. But instead…

  • Too tired to even think about spring cleaning or enjoying the warmer weather and the great outdoors?

  • Maybe that’s all too much to think about, and you just want to continue to hibernate in solitude behind a locked bedroom door with a box of your favorite treats?

So many of us suffer from burnout like this regardless of the season. I seriously hope that level of burnout, fatigue, and unhappiness doesn’t describe you. But in case it does, I’m here to offer you an “Energy Makeover” that will rapidly rejuvenate your spirit and swiftly take you from burnt out to balanced.


From Burnt-Out to Balanced 


If you are burnt out, chances are it’s your adrenals.

What are your adrenals, you ask?   The adrenals are two small walnut-sized glands that sit on top of your kidneys, working as their shock absorbers. They also produce cortisol, your primary stress hormone.

Burnout occurs when your adrenals are working overtime to catch up with your “to do list”, your super stressed life, negative thoughts like worry, anxiety or anger, unexpressed or suppressed emotions and lack of rest and nourishment.


Here’s the good news. You can heal your adrenals! I’m living proof.  Twenty years in corporate America left me burnt-out, brain dead and ready to finally ask for help and admit I wasn’t the “Super Woman” I appeared to be. My journey began when I took charge of my life and gave myself the extreme self-care and love that I needed to heal my amazing body.


My intention is to share with you what I learned from my own struggle so that, rather than suffer as I did, you’ll create a new definition of “success” for yourself and start living with ease and grace.


Your Energy Make Over 

Before we jump into solutions, take a big deep breath, close your eyes, and ask yourself,“What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?” 

I bet you’re thinking the solution is a healthy diet. You are right! Listening deeply to that inner voice gave you a good first step. But there’s more to regaining your health and your happiness than the food you eat.

3 Simple Strategies to End Burnout & Heal Your Adrenals     

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