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There is no definition in my dictionary for "Walkabout." It is a term only heard in "Crocodile Dundee" movies, or perhaps an actual visit to Australia. Even the aborigines don't have a definition. A walkabout is difficult to describe. It has no destination or schedule. It is considered a spiritual experience by the nature of its aimless, random lack of goals or expectations.


Walkabout allows you to walk away from your current experience, and seek what the world has to teach. As a right of passage, it offers a unique opportunity to meet the world on its own terms. Walkabout is as free as you can get. There are no pre-set conditions for going anywhere, meeting anyone or doing anything. Walkabout is straight "improve." It gives you time to think, and new things to think about. It allows you to become the ultimate observer, watching what people do, and wondering why they do it.


A note of caution to the casual reader. Walkabouts are not easy. As with any endeavor, time and money are involved. The world is a challenging place, so you must stay alert. Where ever your walkabout takes you, I wish you happy trails.

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Alene Gabriel, Life Coach, empowering others to create the lives they want to lead

You can Indulge on Vacation and Still Feel Fabulous!

You’ve arrived! You’re finally on vacation ready to unwind, celebrate, and rejuvenate.


Want to feel your best and savor this special time?

Resisting the urge to splurge, exercising more, eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables daily are all great strategies to stay healthy on vacation, but are they sustainable? 

Instead of diving into dangerous eating habits, make this getaway your time for exceptional self-care and fill yourself with true nourishment.

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Enjoy my Three Best Manageable ways to Feel Fit and Fabulous while Traveling . . . 

1. Eat with Pleasure and Stop When You’re Comfortable

  • Get out of the “I’m on VACATION!” mindset and pay attention to what you really want. 

  • Take five long slow deep breaths before you eat and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry for this food?” 

  • If your body truly wants a decadent delicious morsel, eat it slowly and savor a few bites. 

  • After each morsel, ask yourself, “do I need another bite or am I comfortably full?” If you're full, put down your fork, push the food away, breathe and feel satisfied. Sample the delectable foods, instead of feasting on them.

Monroe and Main a fresh new take on summer 2017

Healthy Travel Tips by Kathryn Chess

FUSE Form & Spirit "Where Form & Spirit Become One!"
Lizzy James Handmade in the USA
Lizzy James Handmade in the USA
Alene Gabriel, Life Coach, empowering others to create the lives they want to lead

2. Take Time for Sensational Self Care – 

  • This vacation allow yourself to rejuvenate and recharge with sensational self-care. Slow down, get mindful, enjoy the scenery and do something that truly nourishes you. Enjoy the magic and wonder of the beautiful experiences you create simply by being present to life.

3. Make Walking Your Secret Weapon

  • Getting lost in a new city is your nourishing adventure. Imagine being in Rome and slowly walking through tiny streets bustling with the most glorious sites and turning a corner only to stumble on the Trevi Fountain. Only walking with pleasure will bring you experiences like this and can offset any extra calories you might consume. Take that stroll after dinner or enjoy an early morning hike. Grab comfortable shoes and take a day or five to walk, walk, and walk some more.

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