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Alene Gabriel



Spring is that time of year we delight in leaving the bitter cold and grayness of winter behind and look forward to the new beautiful blossoms that start to show themselves.


It’s also a great time to take stock of the growth in our own lives.  What is blossoming anew for you right now?


When the year starts, many of us set resolutions, or goals, or even just desires for ourselves and for the year ahead.  I am no exception and this year I set some pretty aggressive personal and professional goals for myself.


And here is the beautiful surprise of spring and new growth that is happening:  several of the professional and personal strides I am making are completely unexpected and unplanned for from where I set my sights at the beginning of the year.  Some new business came my way from a completely unexpected source and I’ve met several new people to whom I feel a strong connection from events I didn’t know anything about at the start of the year.

New sprouts of possibility are popping up all around me.


This is a lesson I’ve learned before; but apparently, there is something more for me to learn from it — as here I am learning it yet again.  We make plans, we set intentions, perhaps we even broadcast our desires and wishes out to the universe.  And sometimes, it comes back to us looking very differently than we expected it to.


So here is the call to all of you as you observe or even search for those sweet signs of new life and growth:  keep your eyes peeled for unexpected buds, those tiny little pops of color that can be so easily overlooked, but so beautifully color our world if we stop to notice and look a little more closely.


What is popping up for you?

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The Devil is in the Details This months issue deals with attention to detail, a concept I confess is not my strong point. I do recognize that the "genius is in the details." Most of the worlds creations, whether in art, or music, or story telling, have become memorable through portrayals in exquisite detail, that allow us to share what the artist was feeling.


Many people say they can't be bothered with details. They are too involved in the "big picture," and are content to leave the details to subordinates. They fail to realize that details can make or break any endeavor. It is really the willingness and discipline to go "the extra mile." It is the pride in craftsmanship that the details accentuate. Details are tangible evidence of the desire to transform something good into something even better. It allows the viewer to see not just the big picture, but the entire picture.


One of my favorite examples of the "genius is in the details" concept is the San Francisco Forty-Niners first Super Bowl victory in 1981. The Forty-Niners faced a formidable opponent in the Cincinnati Bengals, at the Superdome in Detroit, Michigan.

During the regular season, when they played the Detroit Lions at the same stadium, Bill Walsh, the Forty-Niner Coach, noticed when they kicked off on the artificial turf, that the ball bounced in a very lively unpredictable way. When the Forty-Niners kicked off to begin the second half of the Super Bowl, Walsh ordered an on-side kick. The ball bounced crazily. The Forty-Niners recovered and went on to score and eventually win. Bill Walsh's keen eye for detail exemplified the willingness to see not only the "big picture," but the entire picture.


A more recent example of the importance of detail was the derailment at this years Academy Awards presentation. Presentation is everything, and presentation is their business. But the Academy’s image took a seriously painful dent when the wrong nominee was announced for this years Best Film Award. Instead of seamless professionals, the Hollywood Icons seemed like dazed participants in a grade school play. The devil is in the details. If you don't want entanglements, be sure to revisit all of the elements.

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