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Penelope Bent-Lippincott



Travel always allows one to view life and experience situations from a different perspective. Perhaps due to cultural differences or trends, we are many times afforded a glimpse from a different angle.


Because, my work has allowed me to photograph women in many parts of the world, I have been able to observe a few very subtle differences and many, many similar beliefs.


One thing I learned, early on, is that most young women are never ever satisfied with their own physical characteristics. If I was shooting a woman of Latin decent, she would admire the milky white complexion of the Irish born model and vice versa. We are never satisfied, right? However, I did find as the models aged, many learned to embrace their differences and to discover their own personal value and uniqueness. I found that to be thrilling and certainly a game changer in my business!

Working with confident women, who feel comfortable in their own skin, is a joy! Confident women get the "imperfection piece" and work with it, not against it. They enhance all of their positive aspects and downplay those they believe to be negative.

I am curious. Is this new individual insight -- one that evolves as we age.? Or is this a new cultural attitude modern women are creating?

In 2014, I photographed a Bridal Editorial that focused on the Mother-of-the-Bride rather then the Bride. The tag line and thrust of the layout was to show the presence of this vibrant, yet subtle sexuality displayed in the fashions and attitude of our very Modern Mother-of-the-Bride. That was my first real visual awareness that we no longer were our Mother's Mother-of the-Bride.


by Penelope Bent-Lippincott


I have been photographing women professionally all of my adult life. This year marks my Fortieth year in this industry; and needless to say, I am so very grateful for all the amazing women that I have shared this exciting experience with, and for all that I have learned. 


My camera lens has been a very intimate and private doorway into the lives and the emotions of the women I have photographed; and I thank them all for trusting in this most intimate and creative process.


I began shooting in the late seventies and early eighties as a Boudoir Photographer and then on to Fashion as the years passed. Being one of the very few female shooters at the time allowed for a much more honest narrative and collaboration with my clients. 


Through those early years, I learned how to angle and adjust my subject for that "Perfect Picture;" but more then that, I learned "Visual Design." I also learned about a woman's spirit, illusion, and light. 


I learned the Art of a Woman's Individual Style and how her Style Transitions with age.


Here is what I learned Through My Lens.

It was a very powerful message and definitely one of  those AHA Moments. Our model was 57ish and stunning! Was she a Beauty? In the modeling world she did not fit the standard characteristics that would identify her as a Top Model. Actually this particular model was not 5'11 and a size 2. She was 5'7"ish and closer to a size 8-10...a Real Woman body, not a 12 year old made-up to portray an adult woman.


Yes, she was a beauty. It was her Spirit....that charming twinkle in her eye with just enough hint of mischief that made it all work. It was this palatable display of confidence, assuredness, and joy that was present from the moment she walked in the door. There was no air of arrogance or sense of competition, which is usually so prevalent in this industry and when broken down is just a sign of insecurity.


This NEW MODERN Woman was aware of her strengths and weaknesses and was completely comfortable with both -- My kinda Gal!


It takes something special to run a business for 70 years. It doesn't happen by chance. That is why we chose Edwards Everything Travel for our Fashion Editorial.


With our Brazilian Model, Jizette Antoinette, we explore the texture of Brazil and its surrounding areas.


Whether traveling for a living or just for leisure, doing it in style doesn’t come naturally to all of us. When it comes to "Travel Fashion" Edwards Everything Travel seems to have mastered the "Chic in Travel Style."

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