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FALL 2016



Elenyun is an emerging Brand established by, an Independent Designer, Grace Ho Man Zing three years ago.


The word Elenyun means Beauty and Melody in Chinese and the brand is famous for its Unique Graceful Style and the Feminine Soft Lines.


Grace has studied Art and Fashion Design in France for seven years. Thus, her work perfectly combines Oriental Culture and Western Modern Concepts.

The FUSE Fashion Team

FUSE Fashion Magazine
Penelope Bent-Lippincott
FUSE Fashion Magazine


by Penelope Bent-Lippincott


I have been photographing women professionally all of my adult life. This year marks my Fortieth year in this industry; and needless to say, I am so very grateful for all the amazing women that I have shared this exciting experience with, and for all that I have learned. 


My camera lens has been a very intimate and private doorway into the lives and the emotions of the women I have photographed; and I thank them all for trusting in this most intimate and creative process.


I began shooting in the late seventies and early eighties as a Boudoir Photographer and then on to Fashion as the years passed. Being one of the very few female shooters at the time allowed for a much more honest narrative and collaboration with my clients. 


Through those early years, I learned how to angle and adjust my subject for that "Perfect Picture;" but more then that, I learned "Visual Design." I also learned about a woman's spirit, illusion, and light. 


I learned the Art of a Woman's Individual Style and how her Style Transitions with age.


Here is what I learned Through My Lens.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a Fashion Photographer was the time spent in collaborating with the Model on our goal or message that we were trying to visually create. Now this may have been for a brand or particular marketing piece, but my job was to make sure every image evoked a feeling, whether that be Confidence and Power, or Sensuality and Sensitivity, or Fresh and Free. My job was to translate the feeling of the Brand through the eyes and body language of the Model I was working with.


Interestingly enough this is not always an easy job, even when working with Professional Models. Many times I found it was very hard for female models to jump outside of themselves into the character we needed them to play; they stubbornly held onto their own private belief of self.


So I learned early on to really paint a clear and detailed picture of the character I needed.  During the collaboration process, I would even go as far as describing the type of environment she lived in and the vehicle she drove to the studio, while all along creating a visual experience for my model with which she could learn to identify.


One evening after a long day of shooting, our entire team went out for dinner and drinks. While sitting next to a Pro Model, that I had worked with for years, 

I learned that when she was scheduled for a photo shoot she  would begin her morning looking in the mirror and describing to herself how beautiful she was and how her body was lean and strong. She would continue this self-talk all the way to the studio and into make-up and wardrobe. She repeated her confident mantra of self-greatness just to get her head into the perspective required for the shoot. Here I was staring into the eyes of this beautiful 5’'11"” woman, with skin of alabaster and, in my world a figure to die for, listening to the effort that was required for her to actually believe these things to be true. I discovered how important self-talk was and how skewed our concepts of self can be.


So what do YOU hear? Do you compliment yourself from time to time or just rely upon an occasional compliment from others? What do you see when you look in the mirror —-- an aging face, or a wise and beautiful face defined by time and experience?


Negative self-talk many times begins in childhood. Usually the self-talk habit is one that has colored our thinking for years and can affect us in many ways.


If you don't like what you hear, maybe now is a good time to flip the script, or if anything try a new line of dialogue.


Here are THREE TIPS that I have learned to eliminate or improve negative self-talk:

1. Notice Your Patterns. The first thing to effect change is recognizing your patterns. When do you hear this negative speak? You probably don't realize how often you speak negatively of yourself and how it can dramatically affect your experience.


2. Journaling. This can be an effective tool for examining your thought process. Write a description of yourself. Just let your self-talk have a field day! Don't just write about the negative aspects of yourself, but the whole package -- —the good and the bad, just let your true thoughts flow. Then, let a couple of days pass and one morning pick up your journal and take a peek. Really ask yourself whether all your self-imposed "Bad Press" is really accurate; or have you been blabbing the same stream of Bad-Mood Nelly, for as long as you could remember? Now, re-write and tell the truth, or the truth from the self that you would like to be.


3. Inclusion not exclusion. I have always been a strong believer in replacing old speak with new speak. Rather then being angry with my negative speak, with purpose I change my dialogue about myself. I begin each morning declaring my body to be fit, strong, and dependable.


Learn to use self-talk as a tool to create a feeling of well-being and allow yourself to move forward with a positive experience.



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