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GREAT TOOLS most always lead to GREAT RESULTS!


With those Fresh Faced, Summer Make-up Looks, now is the time to give your Tools a Major Beauty Tune-up.


Here are our Top 3 Picks for the Best Beauty Tools in Town!


Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection






When it comes to makeup brushes, Bobbi Brown has some of the best in the business. This kit includes the very best in basics and is the perfect foundation to start building a collection.

Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Brush Collection



It's a borderline crazy buy, but if you're looking to completely renew your brush collection, Kevyn Aucoin's set of 14 high-quality, professional handmade brushes will last you years and years.




by The FUSE

Beauty Team

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How to Get Rid of Nail Polish Stains That Acetone Won't Wipe Away


Sure, you loved that bright, neon fuchsia nail polish when you first saw it at the salon. But now your nail bed is permanently pink. No amount of scrubbing with acetone and cotton pads will take off these resilient stains. However, you can methodically lift the faint color using these manicurist-approved steps. And next time, don't forget the base coat.


1. Use one drop of cuticle oil on the nail bed, and lightly buff out the first layer of staining.


2. Use a cuticle remover like Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover all over the nail bed. Let sit for at least a few minutes, and scrape the nail with a rounded cuticle pusher.


3. Wrap the fingers in cotton saturated with acetone, then cover with foil. Sit for at least 10 minutes.


4. As a final resort, use an old toothbrush to scrub nails with whitening toothpaste or a mix of baking soda and water. These alkaline solutions will help lift the final bit of staining. 


Ideal for sophisticated application on the go, or simply to keep stationed alongside your vanity, Sephora's latest collection of makeup brushes are as posh as they are portable. Each of the six rose gold brushes — designed for every facial cosmetic from brow powder to blush — are double-ended, so you're literally getting more for your money.


Sephora Collection Double Time Double-Ended Brush Set $70



Ben & Jerry's Lip Balm in Chocolate Fudge Brownie $11


The best part of this Ben & Jerry's indulgence? Applying again and again will still be fewer calories than spoonful after spoonful of the actual dessert. It's almost impossible to measure up to these two genius ice cream creators, but this all-organic balm made from beeswax, jojoba oil, and shea butter boasts a lot of chocolate, fudgy flavor you don't have to feel guilty about.

Accoutrements Bacon Balm $3

Bacon lovers, rejoice! Now you can savor each delicious strip long after you've excused yourself from the breakfast table. Swipe on a coat for a succulent, smoky meat taste and smell that's even more satisfying than the moisture it provides for your lips. (There's no actual meat involved, so it's vegetarian-friendly, too!


Dairy Queen Vanilla Cone Lip Gloss $4


I scream, you scream, we all scream for Dairy Queen! If vanilla cones are your kryptonite, this DQ gloss is a go for smooth lips that taste sweet. We won't judge you for sneaking a lick.



100 Percent Pure
Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection $156.
Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Brush Collection $650
FUSE Beauty Tool Tune-up!
Sephora Collection Double Time Double-Ended Brush Set $70
Sephora's latest collection of makeup brushes are as posh as they are portable.
Accoutrements Bacon Balm $3
Dr. Brandt
FUSE Beauty Tip
Dairy Queen Vanilla Cone Lip Gloss $4
The FUSE Woman
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