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The NEW Seventy



What does the age seventy mean to you? Well I guess it depends on what your current age is. Perception is different when you are younger than when you are older. It also depends on how you relate and interact with people at different ages. But I would say from seeing some YouTube videos and hearing what is being said, that Seventy still means old to many people.


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the waist. My legs are still an asset but at 70 I feel that dresses at the knee or slightly below are sexier and more complementary, as knees tend to look bulky. When it comes to feet and shoes, I have always loved high heels. But now it is just not practical to wear a heel higher than 4 inches or ones that are shaped so your toes are completed smashed into the pointier styles. I also like flats and they have become very fashionable which is great for many occasions. But is hard for me not to throw on a pair of heels with leggings or pants. It just seems feminine.


Decisions — Love it or Lose It: Here is the difficult part—getting rid of (recycling) what you have that you probably shouldn’t be wearing anymore. And I don’t mean getting rid of everything in your closet or drawers and starting over. Most of us can’t afford to do that and we also have many pieces in our wardrobe that we don’t want to part with. But if we want to look our best, we 

need to make choices and then replace as we can or as you see something that appeals to you. Things to consider, i.e. should I be wearing stripes and are the stripes going in a complementary direction for my figure type; are lots of flowery prints making me look older vs. something in a solid color, and is the color complementary to my current skin tone and hair color. Maybe my look is too plain and I need to be bolder in my choices.

Fashion Forward — Where Do I Go from Here: That depends on the choices you have made in the above categories. I like to add some change to my wardrobe with the change of seasons. So I look at my basics, i.e. pants, tops, dresses, jackets and shoes. Do I really need/want a new outfit or will a new top or a pair of pants be acceptable? Or do I need some new accessories to make my older outfits look updated? Also, consider if you're going to any special events this year, i.e. weddings, reunions, social events, etc. Perhaps that occasion is perfect for adding something new to your wardrobe.


Aging does affect how we think, how we feel, how we see ourselves, and how we want others to see us. Fashion makes us feel good; it makes us feel even better when it really works to accentuate our positive features. And we all have them. So if this is new information, try it on for size when analyzing your new fashion choices. Take a stand, be more open in your approach, set yourself

apart, and be unique!


I have to say that when one enters a new decade, as I have, you can embrace it or hide from it. I have decided to embrace it this time. When I turned 50, it was heartbreaking for me. The reality of the number was more than I could bear at the time, so I didn’t acknowledge it. I didn’t know how to dress myself without questioning whether or not I looked like I was someone who I was not. Were my skirts too short, my heels too high—it went on and on.  However, on the flip side I was more confident in making other kinds of decisions and more assured of myself. Sixty was a no brainer, but seventy…. Somehow, I felt it was my duty to show others how I was part of the “New Seventy,” moving forward and embracing life and living it to the fullest. It is more clear to me now what is important; and while it is more about good healthy habits, family, friendships, helping others and traveling, it is really about being content with who I am and what I have and giving what I don’t need to others. 

All of a sudden you don’t have as much time as you once did, so you had better make the most of it. Make new goals, have a bucket list and be someone that others want to be around. I totally believe that “the cup is half full.”  

AND, I have always liked clothes. From the time that I learned how to sew and was so proud to make what I wore—finding the pattern, selecting the fabric and putting the garment together to the time I bought my first designer dress with my first Christmas bonus from my employer. I know that the inside (who you are) is most important but I feel more confident when the outside looks good.


So have fun with Fashion at whatever stage you are in life.




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5 Ways to Support an Ageless

Attitude Regarding Money


Unfortunately, our constant worry regarding Money can become a huge struggle as we move through life.


Whether we worry about the Lack Of or the Not Enough, continual negative worrisome thoughts may often impact one's health and influence the aging process.


Most of us will confirm that failure, rejection and negative outcomes are unavoidable in the adventure of Life. But, with a bit of Mental Endurance we are provided the ability to overcome such negative attitudes and establish an unwavering pattern of thoughtful Peace & Harmony.  Here are the top 5 tried and tested tips on how to fight those demons and mentally set yourself up for success.

1. Acknowledge your Thoughts and Emotions


Negative thoughts regarding money happen from time to time. The key is not to shut them out, but deal with and manage them. They’re generally caused by some form of fear – fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of loss etc. So go ahead and let that negative thought show up. Play out that fearful situation in your mind so you know exactly of what you’re afraid.


Identify ways by which you would overcome this terrible situation if it occurs. You might even realize that this is a highly improbable situation that’s not likely to occur. Either way, you’ll feel much relieved and calmer.


2. Talk about it -- with a Friend or even a Stranger


As you vocalize your woes, you’ll be forced to acknowledge your emotions, especially those negative ones. Understanding your feelings can help you find a way to deal with them.     

Disengage from that type of person quickly. It can be hard because some of them can be close friends or even close family. If it’s someone too close, then perhaps disconnect for a little while and re-engage after you’ve the built mental resilience that makes you immune to them.  Replace that interaction with truly successful, supportive and positive people.  You’re sure to notice a positive shift in your attitude within weeks.


5. Redefine and Envision your Financial Life


Financial success means many things to many people. Measuring yourself against someone else’s yardstick for Financial Security can leave you feeling like a failure.


It’s never too late in life to Redefine your picture of Financial Well-Being and what you want. Then Envision It –  You’ll begin to feel hope, clarity and joy.



3. Let go of “What Ifs” and “Should Haves”


It’s really easy to beat yourself up about that bad decision or that wrong turn in life. We all have regrets about paths we took or opportunities we missed. But remember – hindsight is 20/20. We make decisions based on circumstances and information available at the time. We know more now and our thoughts have evolved since then. So realize that it truly wasn’t your fault and give yourself a break. It’s absolutely impossible to walk through life without a single misstep. 


4. Purge Toxic People


Toxic people take you down. Some feel the need to give unsolicited advice that might leave you second guessing yourself. Some might constantly question your choices and encourage you to change.


You don’t need that type of negative influence. 


FUSE Fashion Mag, Life Styled Editor, Gail Gabriel

Well Wake Up World!


There is a brand new Seventy that the women of today are bringing to the forefront and these women are anything but OLD. They are part of the wealthiest, healthiest and vibrant generation moving forward from others we have seen in the past. Because we are living longer and are relatively healthy, we are active and life still matters to us. Some of us are retired, some of us are on 2nd, 3rd and 4th careers, some of us are volunteers and spokespersons, and some of us are grandparents. But no matter what our current role is today, we are a revitalizing bunch, many of whom are much more self-assured and taking on new assignments. 

Yes, we have to overcome some physical realities about our bodies and our minds, but most of us still want to be attractive and are pioneers in finding out how to do that when one hits a new age bracket. While the fashion world still revolves around the Youth, the Modern Woman, is making some in roads and gaining respect. The difficulty is becoming comfortable in one’s own skin. So how do we make fashion our own as we age. It’s a difficult question to answer, but it is definitely one of discovery and honesty. It is time for us to set the bar.


Assessment: Figure out both the positive and negative attributes of your body from head to toe. For me, I don’t like my arms in sleeveless tops or dresses, so I tend to find tops or dresses with short or even better a 3/4 length sleeve. My waist doesn’t have definition like it use to, so comfort is in fashion that doesn’t accentuate the waist, i.e. leggings with longer tops, wearing tops over pants or skirts to give me a longer look; pants that fit around the hips vs. the 

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