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Beauty Travel Tips

Three Foundations Worthy of Travel

AFTER 13 Years - Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Gets a Makeover

For many women Foundation is a Must!

So when you are traveling you will want something that will hold up during long airplane flights or long days of sightseeing.

In addition, climate is always a factor. Choose a foundation that can withstand changes in temperature and humidity.

Here are our Three Fav's!

The supermodel's skin-care line — that she develops with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh — is rolling out new packaging and formulations, including one containing a blue light filter.
Moon Juice to Enter Sephora ​ The ingestible beauty brand is set to launch its adaptogenic herbal dusts at the retailer in September. ​ By  Ellen Thomas

Create Your

Very Own


Makeup Collection

Travel Lite with your own custom Capsule Makeup Collection!

We know your Makeup Bag is probably jammed packed with items you believe you could not possibly live without, so let us give you a few Tips to help you declutter and allow more room for your Travel Essentials.

1. Make a list as to which Beauty Items you believe you can not possibly live without.

2. Decide how extensive your Travel Makeup Looks will vary, from sightseeing to dinner etc.

3. Strategize with items that may have a dual purpose, such as Foundation/Concealer, Lipstick/Lip Balm, Mixing Shadows to create a darker palette, Eyebrow Pencils/Eye Liner.

4. Limit your mascaras to one all purpose Volumizing Waterproof Mascara.

5. Select a blush that could also substitute as a Day Wear Shadow.

6. Utilize your brushes with more then one purpose in mind, Blush and Shadow/Contour.

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